Re-energizing . Re-focusing . Re-visioning.

Hi there👋🏽! I am a 30′ something-year-old – HR Professional, living in Toronto, Canada. Mom of one, avid reader, traveler, self-proclaimed foodie and Netflix connoisseur. Follow along my journey as I navigate through some transitions in my HR career, while pursuing my master’s. Exploring topics specifically around diversity, equity and mental health.

Latest from the Blog

Work-Life Balance.

Going back to University after a decade-long break has been hectic! But I’ve been able to make it work, with the different hats I wear in my personal life such as; being a full-time student, full-time employee, a full-time Mom, and a part-time HR consultant. I’m near my final semester and I wanted to share…

Wrap Yourself With Love.

I’ve been thinking about how to gather my thoughts to write a more personal post about my mental health journey. It is hard to be this vulnerable, but I hope that my blog post like my previous posts before resonates with others and is a source of hope, strength or guidance. I reflect on my…

Job Seeker.

Looking for new career opportunities is not fun! It can feel like a daunting task and a limbo of uncertainty. How do you process being in-between jobs or being in a transitional place within your career? I personally hate the feeling of continuously having to put myself out there for work. In this blog post,…

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