As I’m still new to this hemisphere of blogging, I just thought I’d share my level of gratitude for those who have stopped by. I briefly mentioned on my last post that I wanted to touch-base on my education journey in regards to completing my degree after high school.

To be honest, I had a bit of a longer undergraduate experience for different reasons. My journey consisted of a two-year college diploma, a postgraduate certificate and bachelor’s degree (Yes, this is alot!!!). I admit my process was definitely a bit longer as I was indecisive on how to attain my degree. I completed my diploma first then thought I would get a professional job and eventually found that to be difficult. So then quickly decided to go on to get my degree. Immediately after registering to get my degree I lost my brother tragically, shortly afterwards got married and then had a baby. I recognize now my journey was unconventional but life happened. After having my son I returned back to school before his second birthday while married and living in the United States. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Business Management focus in HR & Labour Relations with a minor in International Studies from Wayne State University.

Some advice I wish I was given?

Knowledge is power, what does this statement mean to me? This statement highlights that with the correct advice and research all dreams can be achievable. My siblings and I are second-generational degree holders our Father is a university graduate. An ideal situation would have been to prepare with a game plan and have that one-on-one conversation with my parents. Nonetheless, I look forward to having that sit down with my children to prepare them.

Here is what I would advise:

  1. Find out what you are truly passionate about.
  2. If you lack passion, find out what industry can provide you with a sustainable income.
  3. Do research on the market.
  4. Live on campus (this teaches your child independence).
  5. Network, network, and more networking is key.

I pray and hope this post was beneficial and you are truly enjoying my blog. I look forward to sharing more about my Human Resources career and future career ambitions on my next few blog posts.

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