I’ve just completed my first month of graduate school and it’s been busy to say the less. I recognize more then ever that having a strong time management routine is essential.

A typical day for myself entails working from home normally an 8:30-4:30pm shift and homeschooling my son along the way. I wake up around 7:45-8 am and I have most recently committed to a new morning routine, which helps me feel like I’m actually physically going into work! I start by a taking a shower, making a fresh cup of coffee and having breakfast, starting the day off feeling energized. My work week is broken down into two categories; 80% is payroll and the remaining 20% is general HR work related task. After work, my evenings have been committed to graduate school readings a minimum of two hours a day.

However, on my first day of school I had three assignments due, I was not prepared for the intensity of graduate school to be honest! So, I figured it would be useful if I shared some tips on what I’ve learnt this pass month. Please keep in mind I have been out of school for eight years so this has been an eye-opening experience for myself.

How to be a productive graduate student:

  1. Be proactive in dedicating some time in advice for your readings (Graduate school readings are double the amount to undergrad).
  2. Have an agenda prepared for homework/project due dates.
  3. Create Google reminders so updates are not missed.
  4. Write notes for task that need to be focused on for the week/month with school.
  5. Reach out to the school resource center for writing/editing tips (Graduate school writing is nothing comparable to undergraduate school).
  6. Make sure you are actively checking your school emails (Super basic reminder but essential to academic success).

I recognize that the above tips are really general but hopefully you have been able to grapple something useful. Overall, time management is a huge key factor to everything in life but if you are like myself, a parent, a worker and a part-time student, you have to ensure the balance is there much in advance. I look forward to sharing more about my graduate life experience later on in this year.

2 responses to “Time Management.”

  1. Amal Mohamoud Avatar
    Amal Mohamoud

    Love it, amazing advice!!

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    1. yasiminabir Avatar

      Thank you! I’m happy to hear that you thought the advice was beneficial.

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