Have you been feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or drained from work lately? Dreaming about an island destination? You are possibly on a brink of burnout. Life has been unconventional these last two years and we’ve all had to endure more than our regular work scope. In this new blog post, I’ll be providing some strategies to help combat a burnout.

As a HR professional I often advise friends, family and colleagues to never ignore that inner voice that is screaming for a break. Hence, why I believe a system should be set in place well in advance. Below, I have put together a list of three strong tips in hopes this will be of support.

1.Boundaries: Set up work boundaries immediately! Avoid taking on extra work especially if it’s too much for you to carry. Always remember only you know how you really feel. Speak up and let your manager know that you are uncomfortable with the amount of work, especially if it’s not in your work scope. Ask for support, assistance, and extension on projects if need be. Advocate for your needs and don’t be shy to even push back work.

2. Time off: USE YOUR VACATION TIME! Upon being hired most organizations give a great vacation package, and as the employee you should be using that time. You can’t produce the best quality of work if you are always on the go with no time to rest. There has to be a give and take so you can recharge and bounce back with a fresh mind.

3. STD (Short-term disability): When you have tried all avenues and haven’t reached a solution. We often forget our rights to reach out for a disability break. Don’t overlook your mental health advocacy and if you can no longer function utilize these resources.

Mindfulness plays a role in everything that we do. It’s important to understand ourselves before we hit a nervous breakdown, burnout, or anxiety attack. The goal as an employee is not to be perfect but to be centred to create the best quality of life.

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