Sunday’s are for the side hustle you never knew you needed! A side hustle can be an area you’ve expressed interest in or an area you are extremely passionate about. What’s vital to flourish a side hustle is commitment and consistency.

Personally, I dedicate time every few weeks to develop content for my blog. I knew from a young age I really enjoyed writing. When I was ten years old I wrote my first diary entry and was impressed with my interest to write. By the time I was twelve I wrote my very first poem, which I read at my school Remembrance Day (Canadian holiday) assembly. Now fast forward to 2020, having the passion to design a platform where I could combine my love for writing, culture and HR I made “YasiminAbir HR”. I am tremendously grateful for the progress, the endless learning, the virtual community, and seeing the fruits of my labour. In this post I want to share tips on how to get started and some recommendations for ideas.

Have you ever wanted to make extra money but didn’t know where to start? If a side hustle is something you are interested in I’ve put together some suggestions.

Consider the following:

  1. Find something you are passionate about.
  2. Stop overthinking it and get started now.
  3. Do research on the side hustle idea (to confirm feasibility).
  4. Do both short-term and long-term planning.
  5. Write out the pros and cons.
  6. Think of unique or creative ventures.
  7. Make sure there will be more gains then losses.

Start here:

  1. Tutoring (Online or in-person).
  2. Start a blog.
  3. Sell or flip products online.
  4. Take on projects on Upwork.
  5. Start consulting.
  6. Uber Driver.
  7. Airbnb.
  8. Build content on Instagram/Youtube.

Although, monetizing our efforts is a goal it’s important to build a rapport with clientele. Every experience can be fun and a learning curve don’t be discouraged. This is your friendly HR lady reminding you to start this Sunday on your side hustle you won’t be disappointed!

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