I’ve been thinking about how to gather my thoughts to write a more personal post about my mental health journey. It is hard to be this vulnerable, but I hope that my blog post like my previous posts before resonates with others and is a source of hope, strength or guidance.

I reflect on my first real experience with depression. I was 21, and I had lost my brother tragically. Life was dark, scary and lonely! I felt like no one around me could relate to my suffering and grief. Afterwards depression quickly crept in and manifested in my life for many years on and off. I felt disconnected with who I use to be emotional. However, I did start to feel a level of normalcy after giving birth to my son.

Years later, I developed a more anxious demeanor. Anxiety has been a unique battle. I would say my anxiety has in the past nearly controlled my life. I would find myself crippled by anxiety by an overwhelming feeling to do the most basic task. Although, I am working hard to fight through it all. I wanted to share a list of things that have helped me cope (please use what might work best for you).

  1. Faith.
  2. Family.
  3. Writing (my thoughts, gratitude list, diary, HR blog).
  4. Good friendships.
  5. Therapy.
  6. Self love** (affirming all the great things in your life, speaking kindly to yourself).
  7. Self-care (go out to eat, buying yourself flowers, shopping, facials, a spa day).
  8. Exercise (walking or yoga).
  9. Reading.
  10. Healthy Boundaries.
  11. Acupuncture & cupping.
  12. Healing – Letting it all go.

Overall, developing a great strategy that will help you through the difficult times is a MUST. Please keep in mind I am no mental health expert but someone sharing her personal story. Just know that you are loved and continue to keep fighting the fight, you will get through this!

To my readers you are all awesome and I am truly grateful for all your support. Please continue to wrap yourself with love, however that looks or may feel like. 🥰

One response to “Wrap Yourself With Love.”

  1. Marwa Avatar

    This was a beautiful read, thank you for being so courageous and brave to share this. I feel as though many people can relate to your story and it is very inspiring that you have found a way to cope. Sending lots of love, from the U.K.

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